• My Journey- From Nowhere to 7 Continents…

    As they say “The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail…”

    I was born in a Marwari , conservative, middle class family in Burabazar, Kolkata, in the year 1981 and we used to stay in a building where we had common toilets for all the residents of the floor and we had 2 rooms with albestor shade which was our home- all in one room ( means kitchen, bathing, sleeping & everything)

    and we had a very small space to sleep, to eat, to live and for me to study as I along with my elder brother, my grandmother and my parents used to stay.

    My grandmother, my mother and my father always inspired me to study well, they taught me that study is the best way to go forward and they always tried to give me the best life though the scope was limited and the building atmosphere around was not good which had already spoiled most of the kids and since I was also a kid, so i was not aware about the future implications of their company, but my mother kept me protected and because of her efforts I was the only graduate in that batch of my building friends.
    My parents always gave me more than their capabilities, I studied at Shree Maheswari Vidyalya school in burabazar and after passing my high school i somehow took admission in Bhawanipore college and during those days Bhawanipore college was a sign of status for students more than the studies and because of my charming looks

    i had a good reputation in my college and in the year 2000 i met a girl named Shipra

    who became my best friend and i used to share my every little story with her.

    In the year 2001 me and my family shifted to our new home where we are residing till now.

    In 2002 I appeared for my B.Com 3rd year exams but since the pressure of earning was too high so I joined a home loan dsa after exams on variable salary ( means no work no pay) and on the very first day of my job after training i was sent to Dum Dum metro to distribute home loan pamphlets and a bhawanipore college guy was meeting with the harsh relality of life, next day again to Dum Dum metro then Sealdah station, Tollygunje metro and couple of days passed like this distributing phamplets but I was doing my work brilliantly as a pamphlet distributor collecting home loan leads , though I was always scared that if some known friend would see me then my whole reputation of a charming guy would be muded.

    I worked really hard distributing phamplets, collecting home loan leads and converting them into home loans and in this way I was able to earn 3500 rs in my first month in July 2002 . I kept working harder , i used to go from one door to another, to Building Promoters, Developers, Real Estate Agents etc and exactly after an year in July 2003 I earned 35000 rs by selling home loans and I became a role model in my office as i was the highest home loan seller there , life was going so smoothly as In day time I used to work hard to over achieve my targets and in the evening I used to talk with my best friend Shipra who always had inspiring words for me, until a day in 2004 when she broke me this news that she would get engage in a week’s time in Lucknow and after hearing this I had few sleepless nights and first time in life I felt that I am in love with her and I can’t live without her, so finally I proposed her but she said no as I belonged to different community but I kept convincing her on that night from 10 pm till next morning 5 am and she finally said yes and after a long struggle with our families we finally got married in 2006.

    In 2007 Shipra gave birth to our elder son Darsh , life was going like a dream

    but suddenly in 2008 because of world recession banks and nbfc stopped giving loans because of huge default and I lost my loan job so I went from one office to other to give interview but everyone rejected me as I used to tell truth (which is still my biggest weapon) in interview that I started my home loan career by distributing pamphlets, things were getting worse day by day and I didn’t have money to feed my family and we 3 were totally dependent on my father’s income for food in those months. My condition was so bad that i didn’t have even 2500 rs to vaccinate Darsh, i sometime felt like giving up my life but then I thought what would happen to my kid who had just came, what was his fault and then I joined a life insurance company on a very low pay scale but since I was not satisfied so I took loan and started Cloth manufacturing business which got flopped and then neither I had money, nor the job, the only thing which left was EMI of my loan and after seeing my poor condition my elder brother told me to join his business.

    I joined his business in 2009 and started working harder again , I used to prepare car insurance quotations in the evening and used to go to different part of Kolkata and outskirts to distribute car insurance quotations , some used to welcome but others used to throw me out of their home by using harsh language or slangs, one even left his dog after me, but I kept struggling and at last by the grace of vaishno devi ma I started getting success and life was smoother again.

    In the year 2011 Shipra gave birth to our second child Garv

    and we had such a such an amazing life as i was handling my brother’s business successfully and had 2 adoring kids and from my old insurance investment savings I repaid my loan as well, but as they say – Life is like an ECG , it doesn’t go in straight line until you are alive and exactly in the same way my life took a down dip turn again. I was doing a great business and because of my friendly nature, i had a great relationship with most of the people in insurance industry and with most of my clients, but my goodness became my enemy as because of my so much success I was terminated overnight without any reason as they thought that I might take away their business in future.

    A dark era started, I was on road again and this time I finally decided giving up my life and I went to a metro station to kill myself. I was standing on the metro platform, having no choice apart from killing myself as I had 2 kids and a wife

    but no source of earning and an embarrassing future where i had to be dependent on my father’s income again to feed my family and i was feeling bad for my wife as she could have married to that highly educated person in Lucknow but instead she married me as i convinced her for a brighter future but instead of that again this dark days, but luckily after avoiding repeated calls from Shipra i took her last call to say final goodbye but after that phone call with Shipra ( where we both were crying) where she convinced me that she would always be there with me to face all the situation and we would fight together, so i decided to live for my Parent’s , for my wife , for my kids and their future and i am still thankful that my wife supported me in my toughest days.

    I then started my own business on 22nd May 2012, worked really hard , worked from footpaths for few months, went door to door again with the car insurance quotations , again heard slang, got abused from the people but i started getting success and finally a day came when an insurance company mailed me that I am eligible for an award in Dubai along with my wife and I went there and got my First big Award, from there I never looked back (as i have been awarded more then 50 times by different insurance companies till now).

    I started making my team and kept working harder and got success at every step and again next year I was invited to Phuket and Sydney for taking Award and when I was there in Australia then my love for travelling started and I decided that I would see the world.

    I went to Europe trip in the same year on my own cost and after that I kept travelling to different parts of the world, some at my own cost and others were given by Insurance companies for giving Awards. We became number 1 advisor in East India in motor insurance because of our Hard work, Good price, Exceptional world class personalised service and ofcourse because of my Friendly nature and Honesty.

    I kept travelling to different parts of the world – France, America, Switzerland, England, Italy, Germany, Greece Iceland, Australia, Singapore, South Africa etc…( around 57 countries of the world) as i was passionate about my travelling goals. I used to save money to fulfill my dreams of travelling around the world and then a day came when I decided that I would go to all the 7 continents of the world though the 7th one was tough.

    7th Continent was Antarctica, only 10 lakhs people among 800 crore people had completed the 7 continents and why it’s tough as because of high cost and very very harsh conditions, but still i started planning for it and on 16th November 2022 I started my journey to the most beautiful yet most dangerous place on earth ” Antarctica “
    I reached Buenos Aires capital of Argentina in South America ( my 58th country) on 18th November 2022 and from there i went to Ushuaia ( End of the World) in Argentina and then on 19th November I started my sail to the most pristine yet dangerous Continent Antarctica and after boarding I heard that 2 passengers in another cruise died as expedition zodiac boat turned, but still I didn’t loose my courage and we sailed on the most deadly Drake passage where the waves were as high as 10 meter and we were feeling like an earthquake every second till the next 2 days and most of the passenger on Cruise got sea sick.

    22nd November we reached Antarctica but because of heavy snowfall and bad weather we could not land and despite coming so far I was yet to complete my dream of landing on the 7th continent.

    23rd November a morning which i cannot forget in my life as I finally fulfilled the biggest dream of my life by landing on the 7th Continent, it was the best day of my life as i became the first Insurance Advisor in India who landed on all the 7 continents of the world , infact first in many fraternity which i represent and its a very very big achievement.

    From a Phamplet distributor to a Traveller of 7 continents, it was a tough and almost impossible journey, i hosted our flag as well on Antarctic peninsula as it was the biggest moment of my life.
    The place was full of Ice, Penguins


    Antarctica birds, Seals

    Icebergs, Volcano, Glaciers and so many natural beautiful unique Ice structures.

    We saw all the weather’s of Antarctica, there Rain, Snow Fall, Extremely Harsh Storm ( at a speed of 160 kms per hour), Sunny weather, Extreme cold weather, Big Giant waves etc.

    My Journey of 7 continents have taught me that if you have the determination and if you are willing to work harder then you can achieve everything and anything in life.

    I am really thankful to my late Grand Mother, My Father and specially My Mother

    My Wife, My both Son

    My friend Partha, Kishore da , Debdas, Amit ji and all who have supported me in my hard times and to my Elder brother who gave me the opportunity when I needed it the most and to Vaishno Devi Ma because of whom I was able to achieve so much in life which a common man can’t achieve and that’s why I go to Vaishno devi darbar 4 times in a year.

    Jai Mata Di…

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